Wiremate Pull Cord Installer Kit
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WIREMATE Pull Cord Installer/Conduit Fishing Kit

Optional filter (see diagram)

The filter offers the following advantages

  1. Prevents impurities like grit and sand from entering the pump (if the operator fails to clear the conduit)
  2. Enables even quicker operation
  3. Easy to clean

User Instructions

Please wear eye protection when using the system.

Damage Control
Please note that the pump may expel water and other impurities which are present in the conduit.

Pump Protection
Prevent sand and grit from entering the pump by clearing the conduit under positive pressure before installing the pull cord (when operating the system without a filter)

Do not grease the pump.

Target end of Conduit: Select an adaptor to fit the conduit opening. Connect the adaptor to the flexible hose and press it firmly into the conduit opening.

Opposite end of Conduit: Select a shuttle to fit the conduit size. Tie the inside end of the pull cord to the shuttle with a single knot and insert it into the conduit: Operate the pump.

Pull cord
The 1kg pull cord supplied with this unit is acid resistant light duty polypropylene twine (approximately 900m long with a breaking strain in excess of 30kg) which has been lubricated to prevent friction damage to pvc conduit and to facilitate the drawing in of electric cables. The lubricant is safe for human contact.

Handy Hints
The flexible hose can be extended with ordinary pvc conduit. Always use lubricated pullcord. The pull cord can be doubled up for heavier loads or can be used to pull in a fish tape.

Trouble Shooting
The shuttle with not travel.
If the pump is delivering sufficient pressure, there may be an obstruction in the conduit such as cement grit or small stones etc. To remedy this, firstly disconnect the flexible hose and pull out the shuttle. Now using positive pump pressure, attempt to blow out the obstruction.

The conduit may be damaged.