Wiremate Pull Cord Installer Kit
WIREMATE Pull Cord Installer/Conduit Fishing Kit
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Wiremate saves hours! - installs pull cord in seconds!

Winner of an SABS design excellence award, the labour saving, patented, Wiremate conduit fishing system is now available in a compact kit package.

The Wiremate conduit fishing system is a must-have tool for installation electricians, alarm, automation and telecoms installers working with 20, 25, and 32mm conduits either flexible or rigid.

Installing pull cord in conduit runs of more than 75 meters with multiple bends is easy when using the Wiremate pull cord installer!


The system utilizes a standard double action hand pump with negative and positive air pressure capabilities, together with a range of shuttles (bullets) and corresponding conduit adaptors in the sizes 20mm, 25mm and 32mm. The adaptors fit tightly into the conduit opening, creating an airtight connection capable of operating in excess of ,6 bar. This relatively high pressure is important when maximum operating performance is required.

A feature of the system is the interaction between the shuttles and adaptors which minimizes the time required per operation.

Added benefits of the system include the automatic removal of foreign material from the conduit such as water, bits of cement, sand etc which may interfere with the wiring process or damage the insulation of the electrical wiring. In addition, the unit can be used to locate conduit openings or to locate a broken or damaged section of conduit (blowing water through the conduit).

The 30kg breaking strain pull cord is acid resistant polypropylene twine with a breaking strain in excess of 30kg. The pull cord is lubricated to avoid friction damage to pvc conduit. The lubricant used is safe for human contact.

7 adaptors, 7 shuttles and 900m/1kg roll of lubricated pull cord are included with each unit.